Environment & Safety

We believe that green is good.

At Kannan Group, our commitment extends beyond customers and cash flow to a bigger cause that we firmly believe in – the environment.

And true to this spirit, we take active measures to ingrain in our employees the need to conserve and utilize resources efficiently.

Our processes are also tailored to uphold these ideals and as a team, we go the extra mile and practice responsible waste disposal to ensure that the environment is never affected.

We also comply with the guidelines of the state’s Pollution Control Board.

Safety Goes Beyond Our Slogans.

Employee safety is primary to us, so we take every step to provide a secure working environment for them.

Our manufacturing facilities are well tuned to eliminate all potential health hazards, and we use the latest technology to minimize effort and maximize efficiency.

Did You Know?

Even our manufacturing units in Chennai and Pondicherry are located centrally in an expanse of green that we collectively strive to preserve and maintain.