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And thatís why we strive to deliver the purest zinc oxide in the market. Our product powers many industries and has multiple applications.


Zinc oxide thatís derived through the French process is used in all rubber goods, from tires to mountings, hoses, and belts. Even latex rubber products use fine zinc oxide.


Although there are contemporary alternatives, zinc oxide has been historically used in paints for its antifungal properties.

Glass & Ceramics

Zinc oxide is a major component of heat resistant cookwear. Ceramic glazes feature zinc oxide as it adds sheen and provides better stability.

Our product is also used in stock feed, ferrites, varistors, and in phosphate coatings and pigments.

Did You Know?

Zinc Oxide is added as an additive to breakfast cereals, thanks to its zinc content.

From your breakfast and your medicines to the components of the car you drive, zinc oxide is everywhere around you.